The Warning Signs Of Being Bugged Or Under Covert Surveillance

Published: 03rd December 2009
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Have you ever suspected that you might be under some form of covert surveillance or electronic eavesdropping? If you have been in a situation where confidential information has been leaked, then you probably already know the horrible feeling of powerlessness that can overwhelm you.

Take control by being aware of the signs of being bugged or under surveillance. By doing so you can help minimise future risks of potential leaks.

The following signs should start ringing alarms bells that you might be under unauthorised surveillance. If your suspicions are aroused you should seriously think about calling in counter surveillance experts to deal with the risk of losing further confidential business information.

Common signs of being bugged or under surveillance

1.You notice that third parties are aware of your confidential business activities and information, even when you have taken reasonable steps to ensure the privacy of this information.

2.Confidential company information and trade secrets are known to others.

3.Rivals are awarded competitive quotes or tenders.

4.You find that third parties are quoting or referring to the contents of your private documentation.

5.There has been a change to the normal quality of your telephone communications. Look out for static, interference or fluctuations on the line.

6.Your office or home has been burgled with very little loss or nothing at all was taken. This could indicate the main purpose of the break in was to plant bugging and eavesdropping equipment.

7.Constant or intermittent interference suddenly appears on electronic systems including TV, radio and wireless communications.

8.You notice that electrical sockets, wall plates or fixtures and fittings have been moved or are not straight with no record of scheduled work being undertaken.

9.You discover debris on surfaces or damaged or disturbed ceiling tiles. This could indicate tampering to or unauthorised entry into the false ceiling.

10.Unusual activity by external contractors or vehicles. Suspicions usually arise when vans are parked near to your building for extended periods of time.

11.Signs of tampering with ornaments, drawers or office furniture and equipment with no reasonable explanation.

12.Your intruder alarm is activated with no evidence of a break in or persons having been present on site.

13.Workmen turn up to perform maintenance work without having been formally requested. This can occur during office hours or out of office times when night security guards are protecting the building and less questions are likely to be asked.

If you believe you have fallen victim to being bugged or placed under covert surveillance it is important that you do not try and deal with the bugs yourself. Modern surveillance equipment and techniques are highly sophisticated and professional spies are experienced in placing bugs where they can not be found.

The best way to deal with a problem of unwanted surveillance is to call in counter surveillance experts. These professionals hold a wealth of experience and equipment designed to deal with tackling the problem and reducing future surveillance risks.

QCC Interscan is a leading TSCM company offering specialist advice and services on dealing with covert surveillance and bugs.

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