Nicola Brown


GSM Bug and Mobile Phone Detection and Location

06th April 2011
Tracking and blocking illicit mobile phone use in restricted areas is an ongoing task for many working in industries such as defence, national security and prisons. The need to keep mobile phones out of restricted areas and out of the hands of those with ... Read >

Glossary of Counter Surveillance Terms

03rd June 2010
Ever wondered about all of those strange phrases in spy movies? Surveillance and counter surveillance has its own jargon filled with acronyms and technical terminology. But fear not, here is the A-Z of the most popular terms used within the spying game. ... Read >

The Warning Signs Of Being Bugged Or Under Covert Surveillance

03rd December 2009
Have you ever suspected that you might be under some form of covert surveillance or electronic eavesdropping? If you have been in a situation where confidential information has been leaked, then you probably already know the horrible feeling of powerlessn... Read >